With experience in topics of grief, PTSD, suicide and life after loss. Beverly is an expert speaker for a variety of audiences.

  • Retreats
  • Conferences
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Military
  • Events

Keynote Speeches


In the United States we lose 122 people per day to suicide. To many it’s just a number until it touches us in some undeniable way. We don’t have to go to war to suffer the after affects of trauma. Beverly knows what it feels like to be left in the aftermath of another’s decision to end their life. Life isn’t always fair, many times we find ourselves in a dimension of pain and loss that is unfathomable. Depression is real and the struggle is real. Often this choice is made out of a place of lack of hope and purpose. Many times those hurting need to know they are loved and valued. Beverly will share how she was able to pull herself out of multiple tragedies, persevere by pouring into the lives of others. She empowers others, which enables her to create a legacy to honor her loved ones she lost. Her desire is for others to know the reason they can make it, is because she made it.


As a result of attending this program you will learn:

  • Pain is temporary and not eternal
  • How to deal with disappointment
  • Learn that they can create a new purpose for their life
  • How to take responsibility without shame and guilt
  • Learn that turning from your pain and, focusing others starts you on a journey to healing
  • How to put safety guards in place and help disable a suicide plan

Life After Loss

Have you found yourself struggling with where do I belong now? What is your new purpose in life? How do I find the courage to LIVE my new Purpose and take action? How do I go from we to I? Have you ever found yourself in such deep grief you struggle to get out of bed? Too many of us are suffering silently. We don’t know who we can trust with our most intimate pain. While we long for camaraderie and community sometimes it is difficult to take the first step in learning to live again. You will also learn to set up healthy boundaries, access help and integrate self care.


  • DISCOVERY Who they are. What their new identity looks like. Understanding their new life
  • DIRECTION on what to do, how to do it and where they are going
  • DECIDE to find courage, bravery, community and, become decisive
  • DEDICATION of their NEW LIFE, NEW PURPOSE, NEW DIRECTION as a legacy to their loved one.