Beverly speaks of her experience with drunk driving, suicide, choices, struggle, and victory among other things. She let others know that as much as she wanted to give up when she lost those she loved, she continued to persevere. When she speaks, the audience is engaged, reflective, and attentive. Her story is a powerful one of victory and perseverance; furthermore, she provides wisdom in her deliverance and insight to cause the audience to evaluate their own life and those they love. Beverly shows strength and courage in a way that offers hope; moreover, her message encourages others to make good choices that can produce a light through the hardest circumstances. When she finishes, people offer their stories of pain. They become vulnerable and open to have discussions about things they have hidden for so many years. The teenagers that heard her story were deeply touched and pledged to abstain from drinking and driving as well as not get into a car with an impaired driver.

We will continue to have Beverly speak at future meetings because of her message and ability to provide hope. She touches the hearts of her listeners that encourages them to keep going regardless of their circumstances and struggles. Her character attests to her willingness to make a difference in anyone’s life and to lead by example in a very caring and loving way.

I would highly recommend Beverly Shoemaker to speak for any program that needs hope, encouragement, and perseverance. She is a dynamic speaker that is very inspiring to all those who hear her message. 

Pastor Rob and Naomi Reyes

Beverly Shoemaker is a genuine hero to America’s troops! She is not only a trauma survivor herself, but also the mother of a Green Beret. She has fought the same battles other military families face every day and has successfully overcome them. You won’t find a more genuine person who cares enough about our troops to say what needs to be said in order to keep their units and families together through multiple deployments. Bev’s unvarnished, straightforward advice is the answer for military families who want to be more resilient. Bev is the real deal!”

Brian Fleming, SGT (Ret.) Purple Heart Recipient, Afghanistan Veteran, 10th Mountain Division

Beverly Shoemaker and I met approximately six years ago while she and her husband were serving as administrators of a faith-based ministry which was developed to assist military personnel with significant physical and/or psychological wounds.  The job included overseeing a large “ranch” and it’s employees as well as developing and implementing the programs to assist wounded, hurting individuals.  The responsibilities were many,  the number of people to do the work was few.    I was amazed at Beverly’s ability to juggle the numerous tasks and responsibility.  Watching her as she navigated the various challenges gave me insight as to her talents and abilities. 
   Among Beverly’s leadership strengths are her excellent communication skills, her pragmatic problem solving ability,  and a deep desire to see others survive and recover from the paralyzing bonds of grief which are left in the wake of tragedy.  Her strength comes from a deep, abiding faith, and relationship with God.
   Another strength is her tenacious perseverance to see a job or task through to completion.  Beverly does not quit when the going gets rough.  She is able to think outside the norm, and overcome obstacles. 
Her ability to “connect” with others comes from the fact she has overcome crippling tragedy in her own life.  Beverly is an “encourager”.    She leads by example.   She “walks the talk”… she actually lives it, thereby inspiring others. 
I’m so blessed to be her friend.  And, I’m so glad for the opportunity to share my appreciation for this exceptional woman. 

Mara Jo Castor ~ Gold Star Mother