62. Heather Shore|Performing Artist The Resilient Heart Podcast

Heather Shore is the CEO and co-founder of Women of HERstory, and co-host of Women of HERstory: A Podcast. As a performing artist, when the COVID-19 pandemic swept through NYC, she knew she had to embark on a new adventure- entrepreneurial- as there was no guarantee of when live theatre would be making its’ way back to our stages. Heather has always had a passion for history, and the discrepancies in representation of women in the archives. Women of HERstory is dedicated to celebrating women who have made, or are making, their mark on society. The juxtaposition of women of the past with interviews with women of today helps us to realize how far we’ve come, how far we still have to go, and brings recognition to women who have otherwise been edited down to a sentence in a textbook chapter. She hopes to be able to expand the business and podcast to reach as many people as possible! Throughout her life, Heather has pursued the arts in all forms, with a primary focus on the performing arts. She has performed all over the world, including Kagoshima, Japan, and Florence, Italy. After completing ballet education at North Central School of Ballet under the direction of Les Jordan III in Keller, TX, Heather went to the University of North Texas to study dance. It was during this time that she fell in love with Musical Theatre and everything it has to offer. Heather sang throughout her life, and MT offered a combination of her two greatest loves, dancing and singing! That doesn’t mean she isn’t interested in everything under the sun, from baseball and knitting to cooking and a particular obsession with parkour, Heather strives to learn as much as she can about anything that comes across her path. After a dear friend’s life was tragically and suddenly cut short just before entry into University, Heather decided that life was too short to not take risks to make your dreams come true. After a few years at UNT, and scrimping as many pennies as possible, Heather packed up four suitcases and moved to New York City. She hit the ground running and booked numerous concerts, tours, and shows across the United States and the globe.
  1. 62. Heather Shore|Performing Artist
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