Bucket of Pearls

In a time of prayer, several years ago, I heard the word opulence. So, me being the person I am, I had to go to the dictionary immediately and find the meaning. So, you don’t have to stop and look it up I will give it to you now: Richly supplied, abundant or plentiful.

Another word God gave me was pearlescent. I meditated on them for a few minutes. Then, I wrote them both down on a sheet of paper and stuck them in my bible.

If you look for me in earnest, you will find me when you seek me. ~ Jeremiah 29:13

In the storms of our life, it may sometimes feel like God has forgotten us. Has he forgotten us, or maybe we have pulled away?

We have the benefit of God’s grace and prayer. If we seek him with all our hearts, we will find him. God’s plan and purpose were for us to have a future and a hope that we would always be able to call on him confidently. We must have the trust that he will bring us through those tough times. Grace is God’s part, and faith is our part.

Sometimes we must understand our season. In our times of grief, when we are so painfully aware of the loved one we are missing, it becomes difficult to run to the refuge God provides.

God is the only thing that will fill the void in the darkness and our despair.

How can we help others find that refuge? How do we enable them to go from a place of hopelessness to experience hope once again in life? No one can walk another’s journey of grief. The truth is Jesus did that for us when he went to the cross. Does it make it any less painful? Not in my journey. I sit in a place today that looks far different than fifteen years ago. I desperately want the broken hurting and grieving people that come before me to know a better future. Walking in the blessings and plan God has for them.

When another asks, does it get better? my response used to be when it does I will let you know. now I share, it depends on how willing you are to do the work. Grief is work, hard work. Many days it feels like your sitting in an empty room on a stark white couch with your heart hung on the wall behind you. There are no shortcuts through this valley of the shadow of death.

Grief is the price of love. There is no way around that. If you don’t want to grieve in this life, then the only option is to harden your heart so as not to feel love. God created us in love for love. God is love. The bottom line is man disappointed him, and in his infinite greatness, he gave us mercy. Mercy is his covenant love. We have to go to the throne of grace to find mercy. It is at that throne where miracles begin to flow. My miracle is God’s healing power in my heart. A sacrificial heart that enables me to share the protection and goodness of God. He has sent many people along my path to help me get to where I am today. They were gems I found along the way.

There comes a time when you must find the little gems (pearls) in your day. You must pick up your bucket and find the pearls.

Search for them as you would for silver; seek them like hidden treasures ~ Proverbs 2:4

Sometimes these gems are a smile or a quickening in your heart. Maybe even the ability to chuckle at something humorous. Maybe it’s realizing you are no longer a victim, and through God’s love, you are victorious. Celebrating the lives of those I lost instead of focusing on the loss.  Honoring their lives and creating a legacy of life. And finally realizing God gave me beauty for my ashes.

The real treasure is when you are willing to open your heart again to feel love. When I finally stepped into the radiating presence of the Holy Spirit, it was there I found the opulent pearls (richness and glory) all around me. So, if you see me walking down the path with my bucket, know I am searching for all the gems I can find. My expectancy in finding them is like a magnet to my heart.

Photo by Johnny Brown on Unsplash

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