Through His Lens

We had an enjoyable visit in Florida. Two weeks flew by like a fighter jet overhead. We were able to spend time with family and friends. We met many new people throughout the trip. Today I want to share about an exceptional man that inspired us.

When I first encountered him, I could tell he had suffered a brain injury as his speech was somewhat slow. His communication skills were very engaging. I noticed him every morning sitting outside reading his bible. He shared with us of his relationship with Lord, and of the miracle, he received years ago.

Forty years ago, he was involved in a tragic accident. His parents rushed to the hospital to find he was in critical condition, with no expectation of survival. He was in a comatose state for several months. But by God’s grace, he is another miracle I have witnessed in my life.

I spent time in conversation with him getting to know him a little better. He shared how he woke up from his coma on his birthday. He was then transferred to a rehab hospital in Texas. He spent the next three years at the rehab center, learning how to live life again. He knows what life truly means.  He was given a second chance to live life to the fullest.

He is an amazing miracle. He drives, reads, and functions at almost normal capacity.

Every morning he would be up as the sun was rising, taking photos. He took some of the most beautiful images I have seen. He would write words of encouragement or scriptures on the pictures. As I began to study the photos, I could see the way he saw through the lens. I came to the realization not only does he have a childlike faith; he sees the beauty in world the way God wants us to see the world. This morning he sent me a picture of the sun rising over the water. He captioned it with, “It’s not often you catch a fish jumping to the left of the sun.” I had to look carefully, and a large fish was jumping out of the water. Next a video with a seagull sitting on a post in the water. Followed with an old hymn “One Day At A Time.”

I marvel at all his abilities that so many of us take for granted. How often are we so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our lives we miss all the beauty in God’s creation. I must admit I am very guilty of always looking at everything I have to do instead of resting in what is finished.

This trip I learned to slow down and savor all the moments before me. I stopped worrying about everything going on in the world. I learned what it means to live in the grace of God. I understand what the following scripture means, “be still and know I am God.”

He may have been different than us. He grew up in the northern states, My husband and I more closely to the south. We have one thing in common, we all love the Lord. My impression of the world much different than his. One thing I know for sure, it’s time to savor every moment God gives us, as tomorrow is not promised. Slow down and enjoy the adventure. Find your treasure chest of God’s Divine love. It truly is right before your eyes.

He directs our path; He is our resting place and He is our Peace.

When we allow the spirit of God takes possession of our heart, he transforms our lives. Our heart of stone is replaced with; love humility, and peace. Joy replaces grief and sadness and our countenance reflects the light.

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