Climbing the mountains


Several weeks ago my husband and I were hiking in Ouray, Colorado. We chose a hike that was recommended to us by the inn keeper of the Bed and breakfast we stayed at. He told us the first part of the hike was difficult terrain but then it became easier as you hiked along. We took off on what we thought was the trail which was remarkably easy only to reach the end of the trail a little less than a mile into it. Realizing we made a mistake we turned around to find the correct trail head. When we finally found it I stood there analyzing that it went straight up the side of the mountain. Little did I know how hard it was going to truly be to climb that mountain. There were numerous areas of difficulty I had to navigate. Literally climbing and pulling myself up through the rocky crevices. Several times my husband had to push me up through those areas. When we finally reached the top edge I walked over to look down at the views below. Not knowing my husband had a huge fear of heights, he began calling me away from the edge in a rather anxious tone. I stood there and realized this is how my heavenly father is always there for me. Pushing me up through the difficult times and calling me back when I am too close to the edge and possibly slipping and falling. Too many times in my past I didn’t turn to him and listen when he called and I fell off that edge of the mountain into the darkness of sin. If I had only listened to him as I did my husband I could have been saved from a lot of tragic mistakes in this journey of my life. In Habakkuk 3:19 it says “The Lord is my strength. He will make me as surefooted as a deer and bring me safely over the mountains.” We need to learn to live in the strength of his spirit during difficult times and put our total trust that he will bring us safely through the rough terrain and to forge ahead in his sovereignty and allow him to do a mighty work in our lives.

Today would have been the 27th birthday of my youngest son Nicholas.  He was tragically killed in a car crash 7 years ago. As I sit here in remembrance of Nick feeling the intense pain of the loss of a child I am reminded that God has been with me as I have had to climb up this mountain. Over the years I have felt as if I have been broken into a million little pieces… Slowly but surely I know El Elyon ” The God Most High” is picking me up one piece at a time and bringing me back together as a new person for his glory!

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